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South Bound Cargo in 20′ reefer boxes.

Submitted on 2015/11/03 at 11:09 pm

I hadn’t long joined ACT’s in Leeds as Cargo Suptd; from the Birmingham region where I had been for three years.The requirement of sales was to load as many reefers southbound as possible, in the Northeast region we had many suitable customers and cargo and many more not suitable.
Based in Leeds it was 60 mile on the M62 motorway to Hornsey where the famous Hornsey pottery were based, this company manufactured traditional styles and very modern av-ant-guard styles of pottery.It was becoming very popular in the Uk and around the world in the early seventies.
The company had just brought a range which was destined for the Antipodes and the salesman Barry Rubery who called on the customer had demanded his usual high standard of service for this shipmen...

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