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What Are The Odds?

From Mark Page:

Today at Chepstow, the first race was won by a horse called Resolution Bay (at 100/30), and the third race by a horse called Act Four(at 12/1)!!! 

Resolution Bay, this was an OCL ship on which ACT had space sharing and joint ship scheduling arrangements during the 1970a, 1980s, through to 1991.

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BPACT Function at Featherston Arms November 2003

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ACT Business Card Collection

These are fantastic, many thanks to Ian Farquhar for sending them to us:

act-business-cards-1 act-business-cards-2 act-usa

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Nice Work!

Message from Bill Speedy:

Just loved reading this – i joined ACT NZ around 1970 and ended up in UK with them after a spell in Sydney with ACTA. I leftACTS Southampton in December 1976.

Well done who ever put this together – I wish I was in the UK for the reunion in November. I have passed this on to Mike Street [ ACTS ] and Steve Lloyd [ ACTA Sydney who are still very good friends of mine. Bill

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ACT 3 – It Was A Good Show


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ACTA Transport All Blacks Gear for UK Tour


This picture of the ACT(A) netball team went to the All Blacks hotel for this photo shoot, as ACTA were moving their gear for a tour. Anna says she thinks the year was 1979 and that seems to tie in with the year the All Blacks toured the UK. The fellows were a mixture of All Blacks and their support, but se adds that she is unable to tell which was which or the names of any of the players. Anna thinks the hotel was in Kensington.
Anna Bennett is on the extreme left and Roy Davis is smoking his pipe, as usual, but can anyone assist in naming the other members of the netball team?
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Container Philosophy


The 11,194 tonne Port New Plymouth (right) recently spent 10 days at Port Chalmers loading for ports in Europe and the UK. Her loading was considerably delayed by bad weather, but a container ship like the 24,212 tonne ACT5 (left) could have loaded all the cargo shipped at Port Chalmers by the Port New Plymouth in one 7½ hour working shift.

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The Bradford Wool Trade

In 1967, I was 19.
I worked for the Bradford based firm of J G Fielder (Haulage) Ltd and at that time, Bradford, being the centre of the UK ‘Wool Universe’, a major part of Fielder’s business was bringing Australian, New Zealand, South African and South American wool, from the northern ports of Hull & Liverpool to be processed for the Bradford wool firms..
At Fielders, we had the monopoly of that trade and my job was to co ordinate between the importers, our port offices and the head office transport section
In November 1967, one of our major importers Anselme Dewavrin Fils Limited, notified me that they had a shipment of Australian wool due ‘IN A CONTAINER’ on Blue Star Lines  ‘Empire Star’
This wasn’t the first time we had handles a ‘CONTAINER’, ...
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The Tyser Legacy – A History of the Port Line


Available from Amazon

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Extract from Spring 1982 edition of GANGWAY


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