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A Friend In Need

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Most Efficient Service Possible

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Beware of The Quick Buck

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Roy Davis Appointed GM ACT (A)


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Roy Davis – Not The Retiring Kind


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Roy Davis

Below are the comments submitted from friends and colleagues of Roy:

“ I first came across the formidable Mr Roy L.  Davis early 1967 when I was working for a Bradford based Haulage Company.. I was 19 at the time

One of our Bradford wool importer clients had an experimental container of wool arriving on EMPIRE STAR due into Hull December 7th 1967

I spoke with him on the phone and asked him whether ACT would  employ the company I worked for to collect the container and deliver to our client

To be honest, I dont remember much about that conversation [other than the response I sent 20th November here] but little did I realise how important and influential he would be in my life going forward as in 1968, I joined ACT and in 1971 I joined ACTA as a    salesman working out of Leeds Containe...

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