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Video of David Briggs Journey on ACT 7 Tilbury to Pitcairn February 1980

Many many thanks to David Briggs for this excellent video:

In my early days at ACTA, Rodney Hazlitt decreed that I should spend some time in A & NZ and should go there by ship!  As a result I have an 8mm cine film of my voyage aboard ACT7 during February 1980.  We had an unusual itinerary and sailed from Tilbury via ECNA and thence the Panama Canal and on to Melbourne, glimpsing the Galapagos and Pitcairn islands en route.

I’ve managed to find someone with the kit to transfer the cine into digital format and have myself used some simple editing software to improve its view-ability – although there is doubtless room for considerable further improvement.  When I showed it to my family, my 16 year old son said ‘Dad, its got no sound...

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ACT4 – Fireworks

Thanks to Malcolm Hardaker for this:
ACT4.      Early in 1987 Leeds received a booking from Standard Fireworks of Huddersfield for a 20′ container. This was ordered by the Australian Govt as part of the bicentenary celebrations in 1988. This hazardous box was
loaded onto the ACT4 in an appropriate location above the deck line.
While transiting the Bay of Biscay the vessel was it by a tremendous storm which dislodged some large break bulk cargo which crashed into the container of fireworks. The impact detonated the contents which in turn ignited a
container of shotgun cartridges from ICI Birmingham. The intense heat created caused part of the vessel to catch fire...
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20 Years of Service to Shipping


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ACT 4 Outward Bound from Sydney and in some rough weather.

Thanks to Ian Farquhar for these great pictures from Vintage Port site.

act4_1974_db act4_seas act4_sydney

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ACT7 Round Cap and Horn

ACT 7  Cape Horn CI May 1979

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Energy ACT7

ACT 7  CI  Pct 1977

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ACT 1 Launched 1968

“ACT 1 (Above), launched 1968 carrying 1200 TEU’s and Eugen Maersk (Below), launched 2009 carrying approx 18,000 TEU’s – Never realised just how pleasing to they eye our ships were”!!
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ACT coasting Tilbury – Zeebrugge – Liverpool

act 7 1ACT7 2ACT 7 3ACT7 4ACT 7 5ACT 7 6ACT7 7ACT 7 9

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