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ACT7 Launch

Courtesy of Ian Farquhar:



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Thanks to Malcolm Hardaker:

REMUERA. At  the time of launch on Tyneside 1973 she was largest and fastest refrigerator containership in the world. For her maiden voyage in 1974 she was under ACTA management, although built for P & O.
She sailed fully loaded  for Australia & NZ. and was going via the Cape. Off West Africa, about Liberia, her steam turbines “ground” to a halt. The vessel was adrift in the South Atlantic.
The steam for the turbines was created by desalinated sea water. Unfortunately the desalination plant had not been operating for some time which resulted in the turbine blades becoming encrusted in salt!!
Eventually tugs were sent down to tow her back to Zeebrugge. All this took several weeks...
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School Adopts ACT 6


Courtesy of Ian Farquhar

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Saving Energy

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