Finding Old Friends

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Before the internet it was difficult to keep in touch with old friends from work, since then, with the advent of email staying updated is so much easier.

We are going to try and help you find your old buddies here on our dedicated website, all that you need to do is fill in the simple form below and we will search through our records and let you know if we have any current information.  If we have we will be happy to pass your contact details on for you.

Requester For Who Details Action
Ian Keyl Steve Callaway Steve and I both worked for ACTs in Perry Barr, Birmingham in the cargo dept. Steve was from Bristol and had been at sea with Port Line I think. The last I heard he was working in Scotland with something to do with North sea Oil. Click Here If
You Can Help Us Make Contact.
 Martin Orchard  Guy Ashby  1968-69 & Sydney 1969-1991 CONNECTED