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    New Zealand Mariner, departing Wellington 1990

    New Zealand Mariner, departing Wellington 1990

    New Zealand Mariner 16/05/1991

    New Zealand Mariner 16/05/1991

    New Zealand Mariner 16/05/1991

    New Zealand Mariner 16/05/1991

    1977 by Howaldtswerke-DW
    Hamburg as Ulanga (DEU) for Willner Oltanker GmbH and Cosima Reederei K.G., Hamburg (Poseidon Schiffahrt GmbH, Mgrs.) 1977-78 but renamed Gulf Clipper (DEU) while fitting out (same owners). Taken over by K.G.Nord – Est Container Linien GmbH, Hamburg 1977-85 and renamed Ulanga (DEU) 1978-1985. (Later managed by Transocean Liners Reederei GmbH, Hamburg). Sold The Shipping Corporation of N.Z. Ltd., Wellington 1985 and renamed New Zealand Mariner (NZL) 1985-89.
    Ownership registered to Blue Star Line Ltd., Port Line Ltd., and Ellerman Lines Ltd., London
4/1989 but transferred 9/1989 to NWS9 Ltd., Chester, United Kingdom (Associated Container Transportation [Aust.] Ltd., London, Mgrs.) 1989-1991. Renamed Marin (BHS) 1991- . (same owners/Mgrs.) NWS9 Ltd. sold P&O Containers Ltd., London 1991 (same name but P&O Mgrs.) and registered owner National Westminster (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong 1991-96. Capital Bank Leasing (9) Ltd., London (P&O Nedlloyd Ltd., London, Mgrs. 1996- ).
     Information supplied by Tony Atkinson:

    In Fleet: 1989 – 1991

    Official No. 395124

    IMO No. 7509160

    Call Sign: ZMSM/C6KJ4

    Tonnage: 10,991grt. 7,139net. 13,880dwt. (As built)n 11,217grt. 4,906net. 13,880dwt. (After 1998)

    Dimensions: 145.01 x 22.05 x 9.016 metres.

    TEU Cap: 550 (362-below deck/188-on deck). (As built)

    726 (362-below deck/264-on deck). (After 1998)

    Reefer Cap: 20 TEU’s. (As built)

    84 TEU’s. (After 1998)

    Cargo Cap:

    Crane(s): 1 x 40-ton lift

    Machinery: 12-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. MAN 12V52/55A Vee oil engine-developing 12,660bhp single Reduction geared to screw shaft by Masch. Augsburg-Nuernburg (MAN), Augsburg,

    West Germany. Fixed pitch propeller and a thwart transver fixed pitch bow thruster.

    Speed: 19.5 knots.

    Ships History :

    1.1977 : Keel laid.

    1.4.1977 : Launched by Howaldswerke-Duetsche Werft, Hamburg, (Yard No.101), for Kommanditgesellschaft                         Nord-Est Container Linien GmbH & Co. (Deutsche Afrika Linien GmbH & Co. managers), Hamburg,                     West Germany as ULANGA.

    29.6.1977 : Delivered as GULF CLIPPER, for charter to Medtainer Line on the Europe/UK-Arabian Gulf trade.                         (Unknown)

    9.1978 : Renamed ULANGA.(WSS/J W F Smallegange/Skyfotos)

    9.8.1979 : Sustained a main engine breakdown in pos. Lat 50.13N. 00.13W. Repairs carried out at sea and                                continued her voyage from Apapa/Lagos to Rotterdam.

    2.7.1985 : Sold to The Shipping Corporation of New Zealand Ltd., (New Zealand Line, managers), Wellington,                        New Zealand and renamed NEW ZEALAND MARINER. (Nigel Kirby)

    5.8.1986 : Sustained a main engine failure during a voyage from Auckland to Wellington.

    20.4.1988 : Sustained a main engine breakdown off Eden, New South Wales, Australia.

    22.4.1988 : Arrived at Eden under tow. (Voyage Melbourne to Sydney)

    22.3.1989 : Announcement made that The Shipping Corporation of New Zealand Ltd., had been sold to                                      Associated Container Transportation ( New Zealand) Ltd.

    3.4.1989 : Sale completed and the ship passed into the ownership of ACT(NZ), initially to the ownership of Blue                    Star Line Ltd., Port Line Ltd., & Ellerman Lines Ltd., (Cunard Ellerman Shipping Services Ltd.,                                Managers) Wellington, New Zealand.

    29.9.1989 : Owners became NWS 9 Ltd., Wellington, New Zealand.

    7.8.1991 : Transferred to the Bahamans Registry, Nassau and renamed MARIN(Red Hull unknown/Red Hull                        SABRE charter down hull N Kirby)

    2.11.1991 : P&O Containers Ltd., became managers. (P&O Ned Livery N J Kirby)

    1994 : Transferred to Capital Leasing (9) Ltd., Bahamans Registry, Nassau.

    1997 : Managers restyled to P&O Nedlloyd Container Line Ltd.

    1998 : Transferred to P&O Nedlloyd Ltd., London.

    1999 : P&O Nedlloyd B.V., appointed managers.

    5.2.2002 : Arrived at Zhenjiang, Kiangs Province, People’s Republic of China to be broken up by Jiagyin                                   Changjiang Shipbreaking Factory. Sold for $106 per LDT (4,800 LDT) $500,000 total.