Reunion Videos From Around The World 2016

50th Anniversary Reunions

Many thanks to our colleagues in Sydney, Wellington, Auckland and Amsterdam who kindly took the time to video their respective 50th anniversary reunions.

Peter Stacey down in Wellington really ‘Pushed the boat out’.

Wellington video of the reunion taken at the Featherston Arms in early November (before the earthquake), those present made the earth move that evening. Among those attending was our notable website historian Ian Farquhar, who had traveled up from Dunedin to attend.

Sydney video reunion held on 8th Dec at the Occidental bar/restaurant. Speakers are Chris Cullen and Martin Orchard, who then ‘ran round the block’ to attend the London reunion ten days later.

Auckland video of the reunion enthusiastically held at the Britomark on 18th Nov.

Rotterdam video of Dutch shipping journalist Janny Kok interviewing ex-Conva boss Kees van den Boer and a colleague by the SS Rotterdam.

 London video of reunion held at the Wine Lodge, Fenchurch Street on 18th Nov, in which David Hooper provides a welcome for the 65 ex-employees of ACTA, ACTS, Blue Star and Cunard/Port Line that attended.

London reunion cake cutting with Michael Cartwright cutting the celebration cake (ACT1 – CAPACITY 1414 TEU!!) and also giving a toast to ACT. The video also includes words of nostalgia by Peter Bainbridge and a presentation by Malcolm Hardaker to our reunion and website sponsor, who remains ‘a mystery’.

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