ACT 11


Mild Lin ex ACT 12. Photographs ©Ian Farquhar

ACT 11. Photograph ©Ian Farquhar

ACT 11 1987 Vancouver. Photograph ©Ian Farquhar

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1986 by J.J. Seitas GmbH & Co. K.G.Schiffswft, Hamburg for Partenreederi m. s. “Jan Ritscher” GmbH & Co., Reederei K.G., Hamburg. Launched as Jan Ritscher but completed as Act 11.
Under charter to ACTA for PACE WEST service as Act 11 (DEU) 1986. Reverted to owners 1988 and renamed Jan Ritscher (DEU) 1988. Renamed Independent Pursuit (DEU) (same owners) 1988-1993. Reverted to owners and renamed Jan Ritscher (DEU) 1993-96. Sold Mild Lin Shipping Corp., Panama (Moon Keung Shipping and Transportation Ltd., Hong Kong, Mgrs.1996-97, Sunscot & Co. (1991) Ltd., Panama, Mgrs. 1997) and renamed Mild Lin (PAN) 1996- (same owners).
 Information supplied by Tony Atkinson:
 ACT 11

In Fleet: 1986 – 1988

Official No. 15180

IMO No. 8603559

Call Sign: DNJR

Tonnage: 8,640grt. 4,079net. 9,373dwt.

Dimensions: 133.38(bb) x 21.82 x 7.581metres.

TEU Cap: 754 (321-below deck/433-on deck)

Reefer Cap: 70 TEU’s.

Cargo Cap: 16,183m3Grain; 15,853 m3 Bale; 3518m3 Ballast.

Hold(s): 3 (3 x Pontoon Type Hatch Cover)


Crane(s): 2 x 80-ton lift

Crew: 16

Machinery: 9-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. MAN 9L40/45 type oil engine (400 x 450) of 4,044bhp with flexible couplings and single reduction geared to screw shaft driving controllable pitch propeller.

Manufactured by MAN-B&W Diesel GmbH, Augsburg, West Germany.

Thrusters: 1 x Jastram Thwart. Fixed pitch thruster (forward)

Aux Gen(s): 1 x 370kW 220/440V 60Hz a.c., 2 x 278kW 220/440V 60Hz a.c.

Boilers: 1 x Oil fired steam boiler/Heated surface 15m2

1 x Exhaust gas heated steam boiler/Heated surface 106m2

Boilers manufactured by Aalborg Vaerft A/S, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Bunkers: 788mt heavy fuel oil/185 mt marine gas oil

Speed: 16 knots.

Ships History:

30.8.1984 : Keel laid. (Note : According to Lloyd’s Register)

30.9.1986 : Launched by J. J. Sietas Schiffahrtswerft & Maschinenfabrik GmbH. & Co. KG, Hamburg, (Yard No.                       979), for Partenreederei m.s. “Jan Ritscher GmbH. & Co. KG, (Gerd Ritscher KG, managers),                                   Hamburg, West Germany as JAN RITSCHER. (Duncan Mackenzie/Skyfotos)

20.11.1986 : Delivered and renamed ACT 11 for duration of ACT(A) Ltd, charter. (Alan Travers/Ian Lovie)

2.1988 : Renamed JAN RITSCHER.

3.1988 : Renamed INDEPENDENT PURSUIT for duration of Independent Containers, charter. (Jim                                     Prentice/Leo Van Ginderen)

10.1990 : Transferred to German Registry, Hamburg.

1993 : Renamed JAN RITSCHER.

4.1996 : Sold to Mild Lin Shipping Corp. (Sunscot & Co. (1991) Ltd., managers), Hamburg, Germany and                              renamed MILD LIN. (With cranes Nigel Kirby/2 x Cranes removed unknown)

5.1996 : Transferred to Panamanian Registry. 3FDW6

1999 : Managers restyled to Sunscot & Co. Ltd.

1.2005 : Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping Corp. Ltd, appointed managers.

31.12.2009 : Arrived Chinese Shipbreakers to be broken up. (4,314 LDT)