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    1975 by Kherson
Shipyard. Kherson, Russia as Santa Rita (DEU) for Hamburg-Sud Dampsf Ges.Eggert and Amsinck, Hamburg 1975. Converted to container ship and renamed Columbus Taranaki (DEU) 1979-1980. Renamed Monte Olivia (DEU) 1980-1982, Columbus California (DEU) 1982-1983, Saxon Star (DEU) 1983-1986 under charter to Blue Star Line Ltd., London,
    Columbus California (DEU) 1986-1988 (all same owners).
    Under charter to ACTA for PACE WEST service 1988-1991 and renamed Act 12 (Registry DEU 1988, TON 1988-1991). Reverted to owners 1991 and sold to Pacific International Lines (Pte.) Ltd., Singapore 1991 and renamed Kota Sabas (SGP) 1991- .
     Information supplied by Tony Atkinson:
     ACT 12 (see SAXON STAR)

    In Fleet: 1988 – 1981

    Official No. 384866

    IMO No. 7427697

    Call Sign: DGFR

    Tonnage: 11,800grt. 7,064net.

    Dimensions: 162.31 x 22.22 x 10.11 metres

    Cargo Cap: 753,515 cu/ft. 21,337 m3

    Crane(s) 5 x 12.5-ton lift.

    Derrick(s): 1 x tons

    Machinery: 6-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. Burmeister & Wain 6DKRN74/160-3 oil engine 740 x 1600 developing 8,532 kW (11,600 hp) at 124 rpm manufactured under license by Bryansk Engine Works, Bryansk, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    Speed: 18.75 Knots.

    Ships History :

    31.12.1974 : Keel laid.

    27.9.1975 : Launched by Kherson Shipyard, Kherson, USSR, (Yard No. 2005) for Hamburg Sud Americanische D.G. Eggert & Amsinck, Hamburg, West Germany as SANTA RITA. (A Standard ‘Dnepr’ class cargo ship) (Skyfotos/Wolfgang Fuchs/J K Byass)

    (Employed on the Hamburg – South America, Columbus Line & charter Service)

    8.12.1975 : Completed.

    25.1.1979 : Arrived at Flender A.G. shipyard, Lubeck, West Germany to be converted to a container ship. Her                           heavy lift crane was removed, and sponsons were added to the hull.

    Tonnage: 12,118grt. 7,096net.15,128dwt.

    Dimensions: 162.31 x 24.27 x 10.11 metres

    Cargo Cap: 753,515 cu/ft. 21,505m3

    TEU Cap: 531 (276 below deck/120 on deck/35 aft of accommodation – 315 reefer plugs)

    Crane(s) 5 x 12.5-ton lift.

    20.4.1979 : Renamed COLUMBUS TARANAKI at the end of her conversion. (J Y Freeman)

    18.4.1980 : Renamed MONTE OLIVIA.(G Fiebiger)

    29.3.1982 : Collided in Flushing Roads with the Greek bulk carrier Filiatra Legacy (62,498/75) in dense fog.                               Voyage South America to Antwerp with 6,085 tons general cargo. Arrived Antwerp the same day for                       repairs.

    11.10.1982 : Renamed COLUMBUS CALIFORNIA. (J Y Freeman)

    19.9.1983 : Renamed SAXON STAR for duration of chartered to Blue Star Line Ltd. The BHLR Service was three                      weekly from Southampton Mayflower Container Terminal to South America. (Nigel Kirby/Alex                                Duncan/Skyfotos)

    1.1984: Arrived at Southampton for first time.

    11.3.1986 : Blue Star Line charter ended.

    21.3.1986 : Renamed COLUMBUS CALIFORNIA.

    2.2.1988 : Renamed ACT 12 for duration of charter to ACT (A) Ltd. (Russell Priest)

    6.2.1988 : Charter commenced at 0945nrs at San Francisco. (Employed on USA to Australia & New Zealand                             Service)

    24.6.1988 : Transferred to Tonga Ocean Ltd., (Shipping Corp.of Polynesia Ltd-Hamburg Sud Americanische                            D.G., Eggert & Asminck, managers) Nuku’alofa, Tonga.

    11.7.1991 : ACT(A) Ltd., charter ended at 0330 hrs at Suva, Fiji.

    1.8.1991 : Sold to Pacific International Lines (Pte.) Ltd., Singapore and renamed KOTA SABAS. (Nigel Kirby)

    1996 : Tonnage (ITC’69) 12,549grt. 6,184net. 15,128dwt.

    23.8.2003 : Arrived at Alang, India.

    27.8.2003 : Beached on plot 13 to be broken up by Baijnatrh Melaram. Bought for $239 per LTD, (6,719 LDT)                           $1,600,000.

    28.9.2003 : Demolition completed.