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1984 by J.J. Seitas GmbH & Co. and K.G.Schiffswft, Hamburg as Hannoverland (DEU) for Bugsier-Reederei-und Bergungs GmbH, Hamburg 1984- . (Renamed Lloyd Londres (DEU) 19851986 under charter to Lloyd Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro.
Under charter to ACTA for PACE WEST service and renamed Act 9 (DEU) 1986-1990, renamed Columbus Oregon (DEU) 1990-1991. Reverted to owners 1991 and renamed Hannoverland (DEU) 1991. Renamed Sea Beach (DEU) (same owners) 1991-1993. Reverted to Hannoverland (DEU) 1993-1994. Renamed Maersk La Plata (DEU) (same owners) 1994-1997. Reverted to owners 1997. Sold Reederei m.s. “Christine Eberhardt” GmbH & Co., Hamburg (Carl F. Peters GmbH & Co., Hamburg, Mgrs.) 1997 and renamed Christine Eberhardt (ATG) 1997, CGM De Lesseps (ATG) 1997-98 (same owners), Melbridge Christine (ATG) 1998- (same owners).
 Information supplied by Tony Atkinson:
 ACT 9

In Fleet: 1986 – 1990

Official No. 14530

IMO No. 8403595

Call Sign: DHJW

Tonnage: 9,764grt. 5,509net. 12,816dwt.

Dimensions: 148.55(bb) (133.79) x 21.80 x 8.502 metres.

TEU Cap: 856 (360-below deck/494-on deck)

Reefer Cap: 50 TEUs. (As built)

80 TEUs (After 2002)

Cargo Cap: 17,300m3Grain; 17,044 m3 Bale; 3,269m3 Ballast.

Holds: 3 (3 x Pontoon Type Hatch Covers)

Crane(s): 2 x 80-ton lift.

Machinery: 8-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. Deutz SBV8M540 oil engine (370 x 400) of 9,514bhp (6,998kW) at 600 rpm single reduction geared to screw shaft driving controllable pitch propeller at 130 rpm.

Manufactured by Kloeckner Humboldt Deutz, Voerde, West Germany.

Thruster: 1 x Jastram Thwart – Fixed pitch thruster (forward)

Aux Gens: 2 x 550kW 440V 60Hz a.c., 1 x 260kW 440V 60Hz a.c.

Boilers: 1 x Oil fired steam boiler/Heated surface 15m2

1 x Exhaust gas heated steam boiler/Heated surface 91m2

Boilers manufactured by Aalborg Vaerft A/S, Frederikshavn, Denmark

Bunkers: 1,093mt heavy fuel oil/185 mt marine gas oil/ Consumption (total): 35.00 tonnes per day

Speed: 17½ knots.

Ships History:

8.1984 : Keel laid.

6.11.1984 : Launched by J. J. Sietas GmbH, Hamburg, West Germany, (Yard No. 946), for Bugsier Rederei-und-                     Bergungs A.G., Hamburg, West Germany as HANNOVERLAND. (L Bosschart)
                    (Note: Lloyds show launch date as 5.11.1984)

12.1984 : Delivered to Owners.

28.3.1985 : Renamed LLOYD LONDRES for duration of charter to Lloyd Brasiliero.

10.4.1986 : Renamed HANNOVERLAND.

12.9.1986 : Renamed ACT 9 for duration of charter to ACT(A) Ltd.(S Welch/Ian Lovie)

13.11.1987 : Collided with cargo ship Capitaine Le Perouse III (4,694/73) at Noumea, New Caledonia. The ACT 9                       received on slight damage but the Capitaine Le Perouse III partially sank at her berth.

28.3.1990 : Renamed COLUMBUS OREGON for duration of charter to Columbus Line Reederei. Nigel Kirby)

10.1990 : Transferred to Germany Registry, Hamburg.

27.1.1991 : Renamed HANNOVERLAND. (Returned to owners at Houston, Texas at 21.54hrs)

6.3.1992 : Renamed SEA BEACH for duration of charter to Sea-Land Services.

16.3.1993 : Renamed HANNOVERLAND.

16.8.1994 : Renamed MAERSK LA PLATA for duration of charter to A.P.Moller, (Maersk Line).(Unknown)

12.4.1996 : Sold to Reederei ms “Christine Eberhardt” GmbH & Co., (Carl F. Peters (GmbH & Co.), managers),                         Hamburg, Antigua & Barbuda, and renamed CHRISTINE EBERHARDT.(B Rohrecht)

12.4.1996 : Renamed MAERSK LA PLATA for duration of charter to A.P.Moller, (Maersk Line).

27.3.1997 : Renamed CHRISTINE EBERHARDT.

16.6.1997 : Renamed CGM DE LESSAPS for duration of charter to Compagnie Generale Maritime

(CGM).(Tony Atkinson)

14.4.1998 : Renamed MELBRIDGE CHRISTINE for duration of charter to Melbridge.(Skyfotos)

25.3.1999 : Renamed CHRISTINE EBERHARDT.

1.6.1999 : Renamed HORIZON.

3.1.2000 : Renamed CHRISTINE EBERHARDT.

27.9.2000 : Renamed CORAL CHRISTINE.

17.5.2001 : Renamed MSC CHRISTINE for duration of charter to Mediterranean Shipping Co, SA.

5.11.2001 : Renamed CHRISTINE EBERHARDT.

7.10.2002 : Deck and hull damaged when a container fell whilst discharging at Dementia, Egypt.

27.11.2003 : Renamed P&O NEDLLOYD CHRISTINE for duration of charter to P&O Nedlloyd.

11.2004 : Sold for $9.00m to Feeder Associate Systems S.a.r.l, (CMA CGM (The French Line), managers),                               Valetta, Malta and renamed CMA CGM NORTH AFRICA 2. (Call Sign: 9HAA8; Offical No. 9098)                            (Unknown)

10.2007 : Ownership transferred to CMA CGM SA (The French Line), Valletta., Malta.

12.2009 : Sold for $1,700,000 to Alessia Navigation Ltd., (Transyug Shipping Co, l Karla Libknekhta 18,                                 Nikolayev, 54001, Ukraine, managers), Valletta, Malta and renamed ALESSIA.

Still in Service – anchored Black Sea 14 January 2016