1971 by Eriksbergs Mek.Verk.
A/B, Gothenburg
(Ownership registered to Blue Star Line Ltd., Port Line Ltd. and Ellerman Lines Ltd. 1971-1986). (Ellerman Line, Mgrs. 1971-86) (Registry GBR 1971-1985, IOM 1985-86.)
Sold Taiwan shipbreakers and arrived Kaohsiung for demolition
 Information supplied by Tony Atkinson:

In Fleet: 1971 – 1986

Official No. 342903

IMO No. 7107766

Call Sign: GOVM

Tonnage: 14,144grt. 8,087net. 20,300dwt. (As built)

13,151grt. 6,875net. 20,651dwt. (After 1980)

Dimensions: 647’10” x 94’ 2” x 31’ 5” (199.02 (bb) x 28.71 x 9.564mtrs)

TEU Cap: 1,212 (392-below deck/820-on deck)

Reefer Cap: 144 TEU’s.

Cargo Cap: 50,230m3

Vehicle Deck: 317mtrs – loading through quarter stern door/ramps.

Crane(s): 2 x 18-ton lift

Machinery: 3 x 18cyl. 4 S.A. S.A. Pielstick oil engines developing 25,920 bhp geared to a single screw shaft manufactured by Eriksberg Mek. Verkstads A/B, Gothenburg, Sweden. Fixed pitch propeller and a transver fixed pitch bow thruster.

Bunkers: 510.5 tons diesel oil/2,918tons high viscosity oil. 95 tons per day @ 19 knots.

Speed: 21.75 knots.

Ships History :

Note : Originally one of three PAD (Pacific Australia Direct Line) vessels ordered and designed by Rederi A/B Transatlantic, Gothenburg. Prior to keel laying the order was transferred under a joint service agreement to Blue Star Line Ltd, Port Line Ltd., and Ellerman Line Ltd., as registered owners for Associated Container Transportation Ltd.

16.12.1970 : Keel laid.

6.5.1971 : Launched by Eriksberg Mek. Verkstads A/B, Gothenburg, Sweden (Yard No.657), for Blue Star Line                       Ltd., Port Line Ltd., and Ellerman Lines Ltd. (Blue Star Port Line (Management) Ltd., managers),                           London as DILKARA. (Alex Duncan/Ian Lovie/Luis Van Ginderen)

22.10.1971 : Delivered to owners.

1974 : Blue Star Ship Management Ltd., appointed managers.

29.3.1983 : Struck the Blair Waterway Bridge, Tacoma, Oregon, both the bridge and the bridge of the vessel                               extensively damaged. Voyage from Sydney, NSW to Los Angeles, USA.

23.8.1984 : Sustained main engine bearing damaged and engine stopped. Voyage from Tacoma to Suva, Fiji.

1985 : Transferred to Isle of Man Registry, Douglas, with Ellerman Lines Plc., appointed managers.

2.12.1986 : Arrived Kaohsiung, Taiwan to be broken up by Chin Tai I Steel & Iron. Sold for $130 per LDT (12,193                      LDT) $1,580,000 total.

10.12.1986 : Demolition commenced.