“Welcome one and all and welcome to the ACT web site, which I hope some of you, if not all of you will enjoy adding your own stories, reading your ex colleagues stories and generally indulging in a bit of good old nostalgia.”
You will see, there is still a lot of work to do and whilst this is ongoing, your help in making it evolve will be appreciated.
We have added a section STORIES and as you can see, it is sub divided into the various sections of the business as a whole [ and if we have missed any, please DO let us know].We thought that you might like to share individual stories, experiences of your days at ACT and/.or it’s partners and subsidiaries.
You will see Barry Rubery has kicked it off with a short ‘fond’ [hmmm] reminiscence of his days working for ┬áthe illustrious Mr Roy L Davis.
Can you suggest how it could be improved?
Anyway, the aim is to encourage some good old-fashioned nostalgia, so I do hope you enjoy it. I hope to see as many of you as possible at the infamous Wine Lodge in Fenchurch Street on 18th November.

David Hooper